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1.54-inch NFC Electronic Tag, Battery-free,A one-of-a-kind pendant that belongs to you.DMPH0154RN1

DMPH0154RN1 is a 1.54 inch color e-ink display NFC-powered Electronic Shelf Label, adopts novel passive NFC technology, no battery required, no more battery life trouble.
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The DMPH0154RN1 e-ink display tag utilizes advanced NFC communication and power harvesting technology. Additionally, it is equipped with a mobile app software that allows users to directly update the current display on their phones. This design simplifies the updating process, eliminating the need for modeling operations; users only need to import the images they want to display into the software. Through NFC communication and the mobile app software, users can achieve real-time updates to the content of the e-ink display tag, which is particularly useful for applications requiring frequent changes to display content or real-time information updates. This communication method makes user operation more convenient, requiring no specialized skills; even ordinary users can easily update and control display content. This e-ink display tag fully utilizes the bistable nature of electronic paper, eliminating the need for built-in batteries, and allowing the display to maintain stable images for extended periods.


Note: Not all NFC-enabled phones can drive the display.


We could provide front light, touch screen and other accessories for you.
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Screen Size: 1.54 inch
Screen Type: Black, White, and Red ePaper Display (E Ink)
Screen Resolution: 200x200 
Screen Grayscale: 2




Power Supply: NFC Powering
Built-in Battery: None


Image Update Time: 16 seconds
Image Update Method: NFC Image Update


Default English




Weight: Approximately 13g
Dimensions: 50x37x5.3mm



Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature: -25°C to 60°C
Operating Humidity: 40% to 70%




●  Refresh Method: Full refresh supported
●  Display Orientation: Landscape, Portrait
●  Drawing Method: Dot matrix
●  Driving Method: NFC direct drive, battery-free




1. Retail and Exhibition Displays:

In stores or at exhibitions, these electronic paper signs can serve as labels for merchandise or exhibits, providing product details, prices, promotions, etc., through NFC functionality, offering customers a convenient interactive experience.

2. Logistics and Warehouse Management:

In warehouses or logistics centers, electronic paper labels can be hung on goods or shelves, displaying real-time information such as item details, storage locations, inventory levels, etc., helping management personnel locate and handle goods quickly.

3. Conference and Event Signage:

During conferences or events, these signs can be used for seat assignments, displaying participant information, etc., enabling functions like quick check-ins and information exchange through NFC functionality.

4. Office and Public Facilities:

In offices or public facilities, electronic paper signs can be hung on doors or walls, used to display room status, meeting schedules, notices, etc., enhancing office efficiency and information dissemination effectiveness.

5. Personalized Accessories:

In addition to the above applications, these compact electronic paper signs can also be used as personalized accessories, such as keychains, bag tags, etc., displaying personal information, mottos, or creative designs, adding a sense of fashion and technology. The application of NFC pendant electronic paper signs not only improves the efficiency and accuracy of information dissemination but also provides people with a more convenient and intelligent interactive experience. With the continuous development and popularization of technology, the application scope of this innovative product will further expand.




1) Android software download
Download the APP,scan the QR code with a browser

2) iOS Software DownloadUsing an iPhone, search for "NFC Eink" on the Apple App Store and tap "Install" to download.

2. Open the NFC-ESL app and enable NFC on your phone. Bring your phone close to the NFC tag. For the first-time use, you need to bind the device (after binding, you can move the device away). The app can identify the tag's UID, screen resolution, color, and other information.

3. Click on the "Album Import" button at the bottom of the app. This will take you to the album selection interface. At this point, the app will display a prompt where users can choose either default images or images from the album.

4. We select an image from the album (the operation method for default images is the same as for album images), which takes us to the album image selection interface. Since we are using a black and white device with red accents, we need to choose a black and white with red image. After selecting the image from the album, the app enters the image cropping interface, where you can use your finger to drag the screen and select the appropriate cropping position. Then, click the checkmark button in the top right corner of the screen.

5. After cropping the image, you will enter the import preview interface. Here, you can choose between two image processing modes. We recommend using the dithering algorithm, as it produces images with stronger stereoscopic effects. Finally, click the "Import" button.

6. After importing the image from the album, the app will prompt "Approach NFC Tag". At this point, place your phone directly above the NFC tag, making sure to locate the position of the NFC coil on your phone, usually near the rear camera on the back of the phone.

7. Once the phone detects the NFC tag, the app will prompt "Screen Updating". At this point, do not move the phone until "Screen Updating" changes to "Refresh Successful". You can then move the phone away, and the entire NFC tag screen will have completed the update.



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